I Love You to Death


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I Love You To Death One day, a potential client walked into my office wanting personal training.  When he walked in I felt like I’ve met him before but could not figure out where.  He introduced himself and told me … Continue reading



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You know there are a lot of good qualities about human nature.  Most all human beings see to thrive on sheer will of survival.  When lives are out of danger we will even go out of our way to keep … Continue reading

The Big Bone Theory


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There is one thing I cannot stand; excuses.   What I really hate are misleading theories that encourage excuses.  There is this show that I absolutely love that uses science to debunk myths.  These two smart guys travel across the country … Continue reading

Its All in the Mind!


As a personal trainer, I get many questions involving fitness and wellness.  I enjoy answering them to the best of my ability.  I believe this one is worth mentioning in this article because we all can relate to this circumstance … Continue reading

Take Your Butts Outside! Youth Wellness Part .2


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You know with all the high-tech video games today you know your kids are more occupied than ever.  You see, back in the 80’s, 90’s and even in the early art of my marriage, the worst thing that ever happened … Continue reading