Rise Up and Walk!

Whether you have faith or not everyone has heard or read the work of Jesus.  One of my favorite stories of Christ was when a paraplegic called him out while he was wal

Cancer survivor Jocelyn Chang and Cancer supporter Glen Chang of Let's Roll Jiu-Jitsu

Cancer survivor Jocelyn Chang and Cancer supporter Glen Chang of Let’s Roll Jiu-Jitsu

king through the roads of the city.  Who knows if the man knew Jesus personally, but I’m sure he knew of his legendary miracles.  For this man to find the courage to call for help to a man that could easily walk away was inner strength working at his finest.  I’m sure that there were many medical gurus at that time who told this man that he would never heal, but I’m also certain that somewhere in his soul, no matter the circumstance, obstacles or diagnosis he knew that he would walk once again; if only if he’d just keep living.  This is a very touching story because a lot of miracles that Jesus performed he laid hands on the individual to be healed.  In this case Jesus simply told the man to rise up and walk. The man had the faith enough to do just that.

Don’t worry guys; I’m not trying to convert anyone.  Whether you believe or not is your personal choice.  If this article inspires you through your faith then I think that is great, but whether you have a faith or not we all can be inspired by this story.

In my years as a trainer, I’ve had the pleasure of training six very special individuals.  One client was diagnosed with a metabolism problem and would not lose weight, one had a thyroid problem, one was grossly obese, and was given multiple meds for multiple problems, one was crushed by a car while riding a motorcycle and last a couple who was fighting the battle of cancer together.  Most were told by doctors that they could not improve from their conditions.  All of these people could have listened to the advice of the doctors and just give up and accept their fate.  But something inside of them gave them the faith to believe that they could change their circumstance, and change they did!

The first two clients are losing the weight that they were told they could not lose, the third client is off of most of his meds and also losing weight, the fourth, (a dear friend not a client), whose life was turned upside down from a devastating accident, went from being told he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life to willing himself to recovery with the help of the most supportive parents I have ever seen and the couple survived the cancer and resumes their martial arts to this day.

Trainer Chai Brazil momentarily shut her career down to nurse her son back to health from cancer.

Trainer Chai Brazil momentarily shut her career down to nurse her son back to health from cancer.

Unlike the story above, their success did not happen immediately.  Their struggle was, and still is, a journey but their level of faith was just as strong as the paraplegic and their lives are improving.  If they can do this, what is your excuse?  Where is your faith?


You can defeat your circumstances.

Although we don’t hear much of instant healing very often, we still have the capability of getting through faith.  Doctors are incredible individuals who give recommendations based on qualified and credible research and experience, but when the recommendation calls for a diagnosis with no way out.  You don’t have to throw in the towel.  You now have been released to think differently.  You now have the ability to tap into a new source for your well being.  When you truly have nothing to lose, you still have faith.  I don’t know what your end result will be, but if you act on faith you may change your circumstance.  I’ve seen it!

I am honored that each one of these extraordinary human beings allowed me to be a part of the process or shared their experience with me.  When I get down on myself for whatever reason I think of their faith and their journey and I snap out of it.  Here is my message to all of you.  After you done all that you can, “Rise Up and Walk!”

Remember Guys; “You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one! So let’s Train!”


Rise Up and Walk

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2 thoughts on “Rise Up and Walk!

  1. And what do you hope to accomplish with this cacenr walk. Are you of the opinion that people are unaware that cacenr exists. Do you hope to enlighten them to the ravages of cacenr that you apparently just learned about. You people with your cacenr awareness seminars and cacenr walks put me in mind of the newly saved Christians who get right in your face and in an effort to spread his newly acquired faith asks, Have you heard the good news? Well, of course we have. And, unless those you hope to enlighten are complete fools they have likewise heard of cacenr. If they are of any age at all they likely have had a go-round with it themselves or through a friend or loved one.You people and your useless do-gooder nonsense just make me tired. Do something useful and clean up the litter along a roadway some where.

  2. Geez Riio, this is not a do goodie story. This happened. You are bitter and mad, but don’t take it out on me, Life is not perfect. I got sad at the woes of the world. That is why we need to celebrate people who beat afflictions.

    I deal with clients who are sick all the time. Trying get my father back to health after his 6th heart attack.

    Shake it off champ!

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