Fellas! Quit Complaining and Help Her Out! Love and Fitness Part .1


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I love healthy couples and I love discussing relationship issues and how fitness can help.  The next three articles you are about to read deal with Love and Fitness.  Enjoy!

So you’re the guy who chronically complains that your significant other is too fat.  You’re the guy who looks at your spouse with distain and says, “Why don’t you stop eating so much?  Why don’t you go to the gym?  The ultimate low blow is, “Jones’s wife is losing weight, why don’t you do what she does?”  You say all these cruel and demeaning things without recognizing that your household is in order, bills are paid from the extra job she has to hold down to supplement your income and the children are kept well.  Then somehow these guys manage to slip in that she’s not “putting out” enough.  If you are this guy, what you are failing to realize is the sacrifices she makes, discarding her own well being, to keep things together.  We need to resolve this issue today, because what you are doing right now is not working?

Read carefully…

You have got to help her out.  When the house is dirty, when the kids have homework, when the family is not fed and when her projects from work are not done.  It is very hard for her to focus on the simple pleasures.  She will never head to the gym let alone be pleased by you intimately if she has got too much on her mind.  She’ll go through the motions because of sacrifice, which will produce negative results for her body and your ego.  If you simply help out with her chores and take that heavy load off of her watch how soon she becomes the person you first met.

Sometimes finding common ground in fun can do the trick. We like 70's parties

Sometimes finding common ground in fun can do the trick. We like 70′s parties

Try this on your days off while she’s at work.  Instead off laying on the couch scratching all day give the house a good cleaning, organize that closet, fix a couple of things that she’s been asking you to fix and make sure the children are kept to standard.  Then resume with your scratching.  When she comes home, study her reaction when she walks in.  You’ll first notice a sigh of relief.  When she speaks to you watch the conversation turn from what she has to do, which men perceive as nagging, to what she’s going to do for herself and for you.  You may start hearing that shower water running again, you may smell that special perfume you love and if you continue to clear her schedule, I guarantee you will hear her say those magic words, “I’ve got to get to the gym.”  You may even get more intimacy out of desire instead of mercy.

Please understand that she has let herself go to keep things in order for you and the household.  Start sacrificing for her and watch the tide turn.  It does not happen overnight.  It took years for her to get the way she is and it is going to take some time to get it back.  Her beauty has never left her.  It just altered for your benefit.  One more thing; have you looked in the mirror lately?

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one.  So let’s train!

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Fellas! Quit Complaining and Help Her Out!

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