Guy’s This One is For You! Love and Fitness P.3

_MG_1267-EditPlease enjoy the final installment of my three part love and fitness series…

Last article was definitely for the ladies.  To provide balance this one is for the fellas.  I recognize that there are many men out there that are representing themselves well as husbands and they were quick to let me know that.  To my ladies reading this, I truly believe you can benefit from reading this. If you are a knucklehead please read the last post and step up your game.

Your husband works hard make ends meet.  He comes straight home from work and takes the time out to give you some time off.  He helps out with the kids and he even washes the dishes from time to time.  This man never leaves the house without telling you he loves you.  He’s also given you no reason to believe that you are not sexually stimulating.  Translation; You get it on the regular!  Of course he’s not perfect, but he is one of the good ones.  So you all decide to have a much-needed night out.

You put on that dress that you had no business trying on.  In fact, when you bought it at the mall you said to yourself in front of your girlfriends, who were laughing right along with you, “I know I can’t fit this, but what the hell!”  Now you turn to your loving husband, struggling to breathe in that outfit you just squeezed into, as you both prepare to go out on your well deserved date and ask, “Does this out fit make me look fat?”  Of course the good ones are smart enough not to answer that, but his brief silence sends you through the roof.  In your mind he went from hero to zero and he’d better not even think about getting any “whoopee” tonight.

Congratulations ladies!  Your ego has momentarily turned your relationship sideways.  I’m going to share with a truth about men.  It is true we are visual and physical creatures.  When we first laid our eyes on you and decided that you were the one, of course we loved the inner beauty, but we definitely notice the physical.  A good man will always see you as the woman he met.  Sure he may recognize physical changes, but as long as you make the effort to stay as sweet as you were when you first met, and he continues to compliment that, his blinders go up and you are still the “brick house” he met years ago.  But the second you stray away from that sweet person he met, and become “Broom Hilda” the blinders come off immediately and your current physical state comes through.

To my real men, want what you want in the opposite sex and that is confidence.  Confidence and inner strength trumps physicality any day.  Confidence is beauty in its purest form no matter how you look.  Today we call it swag.  Whenever you question that about yourself it permeates to other people including your spouse.  Let his actions toward you dictate the feelings he has for you.  What you need to do is either be honest with yourself when shopping for clothes or use that dress you bought as a motivational tool to get in shape for your self.  Try this; when that good man walks in the door from his long day give him the biggest hug ever.  Tell him how much he means to you in your own special way.  Then go enjoy each other to the fullest.

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one.  So let’s train!

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