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I was talking with my fellow trainer and partner Kelvan Gamble “aka” KFLASH about the use of supplements to enhance weight loss.  During tour conversation we both agreed that clients should not depend on weight loss or weight gain products to lose weight.

Somewhere in the discussion KFLASH said something that I thought was brilliant, “CJ, those weight loss commercials seem so appealing until you read the little white line at the bottom of the screen; For best results please include exercise with a balanced diet.  Results may vary.”

In these commercials these weight loss gimmicks try to promote their product as if it is the only way to a perfect body.  I love the before and after pictures of the dumpy sad fat person turned top model, and how they owe it all to “hydro quick burn.”  I also get a kick out of the computer diagrams of how these super pills morph you into the perfect shape.

Lets breakdown what is really important about weight loss, then let us fix the perception of what a perfect body is.  The truth is some weight loss products do work, but the use or overuse of these products can cause minor to major damage in the future.   You also need to know that the products don’t work by themselves.  You have to work the product.  In other words, exercise and a balanced diet is the primary source for weight loss or muscle gain.  These super weight loss products only give you a boost to get the exercise process started.

The problem is that at some point in time you will have to stop using these products, and when you do it is going to take time for your body to forgive you.  The natural energy systems within your body will shut down simply because you were receiving stimulation from an outside source.

Yes, your body gets jealous, and stops putting out.  For a brief period of time, after you stop using the drugs, depression, fatigue and low motivation to exercise may follow because you cannot do those amazing things you did naturally.  Before you know it you are back to square one.  If you decide to continue to use these products longer than needed, you may become dependent and over time these drugs can cause problems with the heart, kidneys, liver and nervous system.

Now let us deal with your sexy body…

There are three body types Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. Ectomorphs are typically thin bodies, endomorphs are typically thicker and pear shaped, and mesomorphs are typically heavy in muscularity.  The real goal is how to look your best with your body type.

Did you know each woman weighs 150. Which body fits you?

Did you know each woman weighs 150. Which body fits you?

We need to find the beauty in what we were born with.  You can be fit and attractive in all three shapes.  I may look completely different than you at 12% body fat.  Fitness truly is based on your ability to thrive.  Don’t be deceived by the super model that starves herself and lives on a diet of tic-tacs only to look ten pounds lighter on camera.

Don’t base fitness by Mr. or Miss Bodybuilder who can barely walk from exhaustion after a show, let alone scratch his or her own back.  Lord knows I’ve been there.

As a trainer I only recommend multivitamins to my clients, and a balanced diet to compliment a workout.  I want clients to let their body do the work itself.  If they stay committed to the program designed for them, the weight loss will come and it will stay off longer.   The body will develop its own maintenance mechanism and willingness to thrive.  If you should fall off the wagon it won’t be as hard to jump back on.

There are two types of people you can learn from, the person who followed the golden path to a tee and looks fabulous or the person who has tried a few quick fixes in the past and learned from them.  The latter would be me.

Truly we live in a time when things are readily accessible to us.  We can get the things we need faster than anytime in modern history, but the one thing we need to take our time with is our bodies.  Make sure you read the small print.

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one!!  So lets train!

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