Mission Accomplished! Love and Fitness P.2


CJ and Mrs. CJ

This is part two of my Love and Fitness Series…

As a trainer I get a lot of questions that involve every aspect of fitness. Surprisingly, a lot of the questions I get revolve around relationships.  One of the frustrations that come from my married and involved female clients is that their husbands never work out with them.  One client advised me that she has tried everything and nothing has worked.
Trust me when I tell you that you have not tried everything.

Read carefully.  I’m going to share some top-secret information on about the opposite sex.  In order to get what you want you have to have a carrot to dangle in front of him.  There has to be an end to the means for a man.  The majority of men will not be able to verbalize this to you.  We are just hard wired that way.

You can’t just walk up on a man and just ask anything of him with out a sense of reward at the end of the mission for him.  Please believe me when I tell you that men are mission oriented.  Since the beginning of time when men went and fought wars there were two major means of celebration afterwards, feast, sex or both.  I guarantee in most healthy relationships we, as men, like food and we like sex.  This is our primal nature.

The next time you ask your man to work out, casually mention that you’ll be cooking his favorite meal afterwards.  If you don’t how to cook I can’t help you here.  I don’t know one man that would not appreciate a home cooked meal from his strong, sexy, independent wife or girlfriend.  Please believe me on this one!  You may think you have an evolved man at home but I’m in the gym locker rooms with your significant others and we talk too!  Also, mention that after the workout and dinner thing will heat up around bed time hours.  Make sure you follow through with your promise.  It can lead to more willing workouts in the future.

Once you get him to the gym make him feel like he Hercules or Samson.  Simulate almost passing out from excitement every time he struggles with a biceps curl.  Whether he can handle the weight or not does not matter!  When he bends over to pick up a weight give a pleasurable sigh, as if his rear end was the most masculine one in the gym.  Make sure he sees you fanning yourself from the excitement of his masculinity.  It does not matter if his bottom is flat as a board.  When you walk out of the gym with him grab on to his shoulders from behind while he’s walking in front of you, as if he just finished protecting your honor.  He won’t even know what you are trying to pull.  All he knows is that this feels good, and today you made him feel like the alpha male in the building.

If you try this both of you now have the potential for a very positive evening together and even more important you’ve got him on a path to wellness.  The truth is that in long-term relationships both sexes tend to forget the little things that revved up each other’s engine.

My wife has mastered the art.  She's got a player locked up.  Mrs Officer you cuffs are really tight!

My wife has mastered the art. She’s got a player locked up. Mrs Officer you cuffs are really tight! CLICK PHOTO to Listen to CJ’s appearances on Lovin’ Black Love

If your man does not react to this kind of stimulus and honors your wish it is time to find a new man if you are dating, because you are not the problem.  If you are married find a marriage counselor, because something is wrong!

Ladies I am admitting to you that you truly have the power.  You can have us mowing the lawn during a championship basketball game if we feel that there is food and frolic at the end of the chore.  The same philosophy applies with getting him to work out.  Like anything practiced it takes time for it to come to habit, so no better time to start then right now!

You don’t have t be a fighter to feel like one!! So Let’s train!

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Mission Accomplished on the CJ’s Functional Fitness Show

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