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A new client of mine advised me of her frustration with her battle to lose weight.  She told me that when she began her own work out program she quickly lost 15 pounds, but now her weigh loss seems to be at a stand still.  She adamantly wants to lose a total of 20 pound so she can feel good about herself.  She asked me how to break through her phase of “no change” so she can get to her magic number.  Immediately, I told her that the numbers on a scale have never been important.

Why does everyone have to make the “N” word the most important factor on his or her journey to weight loss?  That word is numbers.  That drives me and any other credible trainer nuts.  For the sake of this article I’ll answer the question, but afterwards I will commence to break you all down!  What you are going through is called a plateau phase.  You’ve just started your workout program and your body has been shocked, your muscles have been confused, and you were experiencing a rapid surge of weight loss.  Within a couple of months the body gets use to your routine and the pace of the weight loss slows dramatically and, in some cases, stops.

Like a long relationship that is healthy but has become a bit stale, your body has adapted to your routine and it expects or anticipates what you are about to do. Your body begins to get comfortable and it settles for your status quo.  There is no change and complacency rules the day.  Like spicing things up in the bedroom, you have to change the game or spice things up in your work out routine.

If you want to get back on track to weight loss change the pattern or style of work out and watch your body begin to change again.  It won’t be as rapid as you first started but it will be a lot faster than what you are doing now.  Remember, losing one to two pounds a week is healthy.  Losing ten to twelve pounds a week is not.  So don’t even think about using “Hyrdo Ripped Burn Fuel.”   It took a while to get out of shape and it is going to be a while to lose it.

Place the issue of numbers on a scale as the least important on your journey to weight loss or it will drive you crazy.  Judge your fitness level on how you feel and how your clothes are fitting.  So what you only lost 10 pounds out of 20.  Did you take into consideration the muscle you’ve gained?  Did you also take into consideration that you are looking great in your dress?

The clients that focus on scales and numbers are the toughest to train.  They take the most energy out of me because they drop body fat, drop dress sizes, they see muscle tone all over their body, but are disappointed because the scale shows a 10 pound loss as oppose to 15.  I guarantee that you have reached your goal and then some in fat loss pounds but you gained your weight back in usable and functional lean muscle tissue.  Let’s stop stepping on the scales every morning only to be let down.  You put too much stress on yourself, which makes it even harder to lose fat.  Please, stop the madness!

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one!  So let’s Train!!

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The Numbers Game

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6 thoughts on “Stop Playin’ the Numbers Game!

  1. It’s all so true. After my first three weeks of training with you, CJ, in Nov 2011 I lost 3.75″ in my waist, 2.25″ in my chest, 1″ from my neck, etc., but no weight. This went on for five months of training. I also went from 38% body fat to 29%. It wasn’t until my April 2012 assessment that weight loss showed up. During the month of March I lost 23 lbs. That doesn’t even sound healthy or safe, but I worked for it. Inches reduced, body fat reduced, but no weight because of the fat/muscle exchange until…BOOM! I will never forget March 2012 & what I learned about the body & perseverance. The scale means a lot, but not anymore…not as much as body fat reduction & inches & millimeters :) Thank you CJ!

  2. My brother recommended I may like this blog. He used to be totally right. This put up truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

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