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CJ with the Center for Lupus Care

For some reason, I continue to be enlightened in health and fitness where I am supposed to be a subject matter expert.

A few years ago, on a Friday evening, I offered to sponsor and host a monthly Center for Lupus Care Meeting.  I was blown away that they even accepted my offer to host, but I am grateful that they did.  During my seminar I presented ways that people with Lupus can maintain their functionality while at home.  I felt the presentation was successful and it appeared to be received well by the participants.

After the seminar, I treated them to dinner and fellowship in my gym.  While we were dining and talking, some of the guest dealing with Lupus began sharing how they manage the disease.  I was blown away on how positive they were in the midst of their sickness.  There were times during the discussion that I wanted to cry but I felt it would insult their strength if I did.

One lady in particular told me that she wondered for years why she was diagnosed with this disease.  She had always tried to do right thing in life, she worked out regularly, she has been kind to all people and she has always demonstrated a strong faith in God.  She questioned God and was frustrated as to why God chose her to have such a terrible sickness.  In the midst of her frustration she heard a small voice say to her, “Why not you.”

The message became as clear to me as it was for her at that moment.  She was supposed to have this affliction.  She and the others around the table are messengers for what true health really is.  You see; there are some people we look to hold the banner of perfection so that we may do our best to measure up at all times. There are some that live lives of constant tragedy in public view so we don’t fall into their traps.  But there are certain people that are generally good in nature that have been assigned an adverse circumstance because they have the mental strength to deal with it.  We watch their courage and positive thinking and we learn to stop complaining on our minor issues and become inspired to thrive to our best potential.

Director of The Center for Lupus Center, Liz Shawstabler.  Incredible woman.

Director of The Center for Lupus Center, Liz Shawstabler. Incredible woman.

The goal in life is not only to achieve wellness.  The ultimate mastery in life is achieving a wellness state of mind no matter the obstacle or adverse circumstance.  I don’t really need much feedback in looking for the brilliance in this writing, because the brilliance came from the lesson I learned from the people I attempted to teach.

If you are a person that is fortunate enough to change your physical and mental health circumstances but won’t due to mindless excuses and trumped up stressors you simply deserve what you get.  After my experience with my teachers from the Lupus Foundation I can offer nothing but the toughest message of love for you… Why not you!

Lupus is a real disease that taxes the immune system with no rhyme or reason.  It is often referred to as, “the look good and feel bad disease.”  There are thousands of people suffering from this affliction and don’t know it.  In some cases it takes years to diagnose.  This disease attacks the eyes, kidneys, skin and liver.  Joint pain and fatigue are also accompanied with this illness.  People with Lupus often cannot participate in the simplest activities due to warm weather conditions on external environmental conditions.  The people from the Center for Lupus Care have been working tirelessly to bring this message to light.  I was even invited to a Lupus press conference but no media showed up to bring this noble campaign to the public.  What was even more fascinating was that they continued with the press conference and delivered their message as if there were a hundreds of cameras there.  I guess entertainment and sensationalism are more important, but I hope that is not the case.  Please help!

For more information on the disease please contact The Center for Lupus Care at info@center4lupuscare.org or call 310.674.0080. Ask for Elizabeth or Karen. You can also go to their web page at www.center4lupuscare.org

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one. So let’s Train!


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